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About Us WERİSOFT Technology and Software Services Inc. It is a web portal developed with cloud technology and serving the global market, where the conventional coinsurance, reinsurance, retrocession and fronting transactions in the insurance industry can be done on-line on a digital platform.


Our Mission


It is to facilitate insurance transactions around the world, to simplify some of the complex works and transactions conventionally performed by the stakeholders of the sector by using the means of technology, to make them more transparent, faster, reportable, more economical and efficient.


Our aim; to reduce the costs in the insurance sector, to increase the per capita insurance rates worldwide, to produce a new profitable and sustainable business model for all parties.


Our Vision

Our vision; The aim is to transform the system into a global digital repository where coinsurance, reinsurance and retrocession transactions are carried out on a global scale as soon as possible.



Our goal is; to increase the number of countries served to 15 at the end of the first year, to 40 at the end of the second year, and to 100 at the end of the third year. At the end of five years, it is to include every insurance and reinsurance company in the system in every country where the insurance policy is issued.


Thanks to the system, insurance and reinsurance companies operating in any country will soon be able to integrate with the world markets in the widest sense and will be able to obtain the highest quality guarantees from the most suitable companies at the most optimal prices.

Do you need more information?

We are here to help you. You can reach us via e-mail, phone call or our social media pages.

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