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WHAT IS WWW.WORLDINSURANCEPLATFORM.COM? is a web portal developed with cloud technology, where insurance and reinsurance companies can carry out their conventional currency and reinsurance transactions on-line on a digital platform. , which was made ready for publication as a result of a four-year study by WERİSOFT, started its activities in Turkey as of March 1, 2022.

Turkey Operation of the Platform is Conducted by Who?

The system works with a local BROKER with a “REASURANCE” license in each country. The official representative of portal in Turkey is SMART GLOBAL Sigorta ve Reasürans Brokerliği A.Ş. All marketing rights of the system in Turkey belong to this company.


What are the Capabilities of the Online Coinsurance and Reinsurance Portal?


  • On-line open coinsurance transactions

  • On-line closed coinsurance transactions

  • On-line discretionary reinsurance transactions

  • On-line treaty reinsurance transactions

  • On-line retrocession procedures

  • On-line fronting operations

  • On-line automatic slip generation

  • On-line automatic newsletter creation

  • On-line automatic coinsurance contract creation

  • Creating an on-line automatic reinsurance contract

  • On-line fronting business and transactions

  • On-line automatic accounting posting

  • On-line automatic accounting reconciliation and tracking

  • On-line damage creation

  • On-line automatic claim tracking and reconciliation

  • Ability to create a placement request in every branch

  • Company filtering

  • Renewal calendar

  • Automatic integration with users' own software and systems


Who can use the system?


A) Insurance Companies

Insurance companies that want to give a share through open or closed cash-in-currency method in businesses that exceed their capacities or for which they feel the need to share the risk.


Insurance companies that have high capacities and want to get discretionary shares from low-capacity insurance companies.


Insurance companies that want to make their reinsurance transactions more affordable and diversify.


Insurance companies that want to integrate with international markets online and spread their risks to a wider geography.


B) Reinsurance Companies

Domestic and foreign reinsurance companies that want to support the placement needs of insurance companies.


Domestic and foreign reinsurance companies that want to provide «Trete» support to the treaty reinsurance needs of insurance companies.


Domestic and foreign reinsurance companies that want to be more active in markets outside of Turkey and that want to distribute their risk to a wider geography with more optimal pricing.


C) Multiple Agents

At least 4 of the companies with which agency contracts are signed are multi-agents in the system who want to mediate large corporate risks.


Agencies that want to grow in the corporate insurance market but have limited technical knowledge and operational capabilities.


Agencies that have difficulty in competing with local and global insurance and reinsurance brokers, especially in coining and reinsurance transactions.

How is data security ensured?

All data of the system are stored in data centers licensed by the KVKK Authority and holding ISO 27001 "Information Security Certificate".


Logs of all users are kept simultaneously.


All users are only authorized to access data related to their jurisdiction.  


All data is kept on servers in Turkey and backed up simultaneously in more secure data centers in two different countries against possible risks.


Which countries will enter the system in the short term?

Turkey is among the countries selected as a pilot for our system. The system is being tested simultaneously in 13 different countries at the same time. These countries will be connected to each other on-line by the end of 2022. These thirteen countries are:

  1. Turkey

  2. TRNC

  3. Azerbaijan

  4. Britain

  5. USA

  6. Chinese

  7. Japan

  8. Germany

  9. India

  10. France

  11. Italy

  12. Brazil

  13. Canada

  14. Russia

  15. South Korea

Our target is to increase the number of countries served to 40 at the end of the second year, to 100 by the end of the third year, and our ultimate goal at the end of the fifth year is not to leave a single country where we do not provide services on a global scale, not even a single insurance and reinsurance company that we do not reach.

  • How can we trust insurance or reinsurance companies that we do not know?

Credit rating agencies and grades, production figures and country rankings of all companies included in the system will be accessible to all users in the system. Additionally; The system will be managed by an insurance and reinsurance broker in each country. You can easily see which broker from which country is managing the system on the website .


In addition, all users will have to deal with the local broker they have signed a contract with in their own country for possible disruptions. Brokers who represent the system in the countries where they are located and are licensed by the local authority of that country will immediately intervene in all possible deficiencies and disruptions with their communication network.

  • Is the system subject to KVKK in Turkey?

As the name suggests, KVKK is a law on the protection of "personal data" and does not cover information belonging to legal persons.  The information belonging to the legal entities already in the system are open information that should be on the websites of those institutions by law. For this reason, our system is not within the scope of KVKK.

  • We do participation insurance. We would like to carry out our coinage transactions with participation insurance companies like us, and our reinsurance transactions with companies that make retakaful. How will this be?

Insurance and reinsurance companies that are members of the system are separated as “” and “” during registration. While conventional companies make transactions among themselves, participation companies can also make coinsurance among themselves.


Again, reinsurance companies are divided into "conventional" and "takaful". Each company can make reinsurance transactions with its own type.

  • What do we need to do to enter the system?

To enter the system, send an e-mail to the e-mail address for the Turkish market, take action from the "LIVE SUPPORT" section of this website, or contact our Project Director, Ayşegül UZUN.

It will be sufficient to access the GSM line numbered 0 532 449 72 62 40 .

  • How does the login process work?

After the necessary presentation and screen training, signing the user agreement and filling in the user registration form is sufficient for logging into the system.

do you need more information?

We are here to help you. You can reach us via e-mail, phone call or our social media pages.

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