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What is Reinsurance?


Reinsurance means "reinsurance". It is not possible for insurance companies to undertake all the risks they accept in life and non-life branches. For this reason, they transfer a certain proportion of the risks they bear against premium to another insurance company, which is called the reinsurance transaction, the company undertaking the transaction, the reinsurance company, and the transferring company, the sedan company.


Reinsurance transactions are carried out by insurance companies or by reinsurance intermediaries, who are experts in their fields, who act as intermediaries in reinsurance transactions, receive commissions in return for their services by providing information about risk.



Insurance companies retain some of their responsibilities under insurance contracts as a result of profitability calculations, and transfer the excess to other insurance companies through reinsurance, as required by the insurance technique.


The amount of risk that insurance companies will keep in their bodies as a result of technical calculations in order to reduce the burden of risks with large damage potential and to protect their financial strength is called retention (retention).



Conservation refers to the company's real capacity that it can afford to pay for each damage. Conservation can also be defined as the amount or percentage of risk remaining above the insurance company after the reinsurance transfer. Reinsurance transactions can be divided under two main headings as "NEEDS" and "TRETE".



The portal allows insurance companies to perform their reinsurance transactions, which they do manually in a conventional way, on-line through the portal.


The portal also makes it possible to automatically generate slips and contracts of reinsurance transactions made on the system, and to track the accounting and damage integrations of these placements on-line through the system.


All these online transactions provide insurance and reinsurance companies many benefits such as speed, efficiency, transparency, price advantage, profitability, auditability, reporting, premium production and profitability.


Insurance companies, reinsurance companies and multiple agencies benefit from the "Reinsurance" module on the portal.

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