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What is Retrocession?

For reinsurance or insurance companies that take over risk through reinsurance; Transferring this job they have taken to other companies is called “retrocession”. Retrocession is essentially the second step in insuring the risk. "Sesyon" for the risks taken in the first stage; In the second stage, risks taken over by reinsurance are called “retrocession”.



The portal also mediates the insurance and reinsurance companies to transfer the risks they take to other companies, that is, retrocession transactions.



  This capability of the system; especially Turkey-based insurance companies (if no contrary provisions in the treaty contracts) good risk to take with optimal price in other countries and thus to both the folding and the primary production international market provides opportunities to export insurance.


The amount of risk that insurance companies will keep in their bodies as a result of technical calculations in order to reduce the burden of risks with large damage potential and to protect their financial strength is called retention (retention).



The platform will make a great contribution to the international integration of our insurance industry by eliminating the necessity for insurance companies to know the insurance or reinsurance companies operating in other countries personally for these transactions.



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